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Hang gliding is becoming increasingly popular in modern times as it offers a great way to see the world from a whole new perspective. The modern hang glider is a simple blend of light metals and high-tech fabrics that allow a pilot to soar for huge distances at a time.

Hang gliding can be great fun, a great way to maintain fitness, and a truly exhilarating pastime. Those who hang glide – such as Bernard McGowan, a qualified nutritional therapist and extreme sports fan – love how hang gliding offers a pure form of flight that gives a whole new vantage point on the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most stunning places on earth, and its rolling hills, beautiful beaches and iconic landmarks make it an epic place to take a hang gliding trip. The favoured launch spot is Pedra Bonita, a mountain overlooking the São Conrado area. When hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro make sure to see Sugarloaf Mountain, and finish with a celebratory cocktail on Pepino Beach.

Kahului, Hawaii

Hawaii is a dreamlike location full of clear waters, green mountains and tropical forests. Every Hawaiian island is an unbelievable place to go hang gliding, but one of the best is Kahului. Hang gliding in Kahului offers the chance to see tropical forests, rugged cliffs and luscious rolling landscapes – all surrounded by the Pacific Ocean – from a stunning vantage point.

La Torre, Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Two hours from the capital city of Mexico is Valle de Bravo, a gorgeous town on the shore of Lake Avandaro. Visiting between January and March when the weather conditions are favourable is highly recommended, as this will allow hang gilders to experience the picturesque lakeside scene without worrying about the rainy season.

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is a beautiful city from the ground, but you can’t truly experience its magnificence until you’ve flown over it. The spectacular and dramatic Table Mountain is best seen from above when launching from Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. On a good day with favourable wind conditions it is possible to fly up Table Mountain. Experienced gliders can even launch from the top of Table Mountain itself.