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Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s book The Four Pillar Plan provides a simple plan that is actionable by most people and that will leave them feeling better than before. The book gives health advice that goes beyond ‘quick fix’ diets and exercise programs to give simple advice on making positive changes to health. Personal trainer Bernard McGowan believes that Dr Chatterjee’s book can help most people make small changes to their health that will stick.

Encouraging Change

Dr Chatterjee’s aim is simple: to help people take control of their own health and feel incredible, with the aid of information that is easy to understand. He is regarded as being one of the UK’s most influential doctors, and he wants to change how medicine is practiced going forwards. He focuses on progressive medicine, with a 360-degree approach to health that involves treating the person rather than the symptoms.

Eat, Sleep, Relax and Move

The book covers Dr Chatterjee’s four pillars of health: eating, sleeping, relaxing, and moving. The Four Pillars takes a full view of health and wellbeing, with consideration given to every aspect of daily life. The book encourages small changes to these four key areas to help improve and maintain good health, whilst also avoiding illness.

Pillar 1 – Relax

The first pillar is relaxing. Modern life can be stressful; the combination of work pressure, constant emails, lack of work-life balance and looking after families can all combine and become overwhelming. Making small, actionable changes can help encourage relaxation in even the busiest lives.

Pillar 2 – Eat

Eating is the topic of the second pillar. The media has muddied the waters of what is and is not a healthy eating choice, and new headlines advertising a food fix are a regular occurrence. Healthy eating can be simplified and attained easily, whilst working around any ethical or dietary food preferences.

Pillar 3 – Move

A lack of physical activity can have a truly detrimental effect on health. A lack of time is often quoted as a reason for this; however, there are ways to incorporate movement into everyday life. Pillar 3 covers movement strategies that do not require joining a gym or specialised equipment.

Pillar 4 – Sleep

The distractions of modern life mean that many people do not always get a full night’s sleep. Most people who do suffer with sleep issues can feel better by making simple lifestyle changes that naturally encourage rejuvenating sleep.